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Tiba Africa Foundation (Tiba) is the official charity of TBF-UK. Tiba supports very vulnerable families living from hand-to-mouth in the Kibera and Kiberia settlements of Nairobi, Kenya.

Tiba aims to provide a ‘hand up’ rather than a ‘hand out’; it supports people to change their lives ‘from the inside’ by learning new ways of being, acquiring new skills, confidence and aspirations. Transformational Breath® plays a key part in its programmes.

TBF-UK supports Tiba by raising money and with professional and practical advice.

We are currently fundraising for three of Tiba’s life-changing projects:

Give Me Another Chance. This project trains and recruits people with AIDS/HIV to act as ‘breath ambassadors’ in the community, improving the wellbeing of those affected and their families. As well as using Transformational Breath® as a key part of its programmes, it raises awareness about AIDS/HIV. It works to reduce stigma, boost confidence, provide accurate information and opportunities for work for a very marginalised group, struggling with extreme poverty, isolation and stigma.

Abundance School is supported by Tiba and provides education for 80 children in the settlements who would otherwise not be able to go to school. With just two teachers and one school room in a wooden shack, it’s a challenging environment in which to learn and teach. The school also provides one meal a day for the children, without which they may well go hungry, for families sometimes struggle to find the money to feed them.

Joy Babycare offers day care and support to unsupported single mothers, so they can leave their children in safety while they seek day labour. This prevents the babies being left at home unattended or taken into sometimes dangerous work environments while their mothers try to earn enough money to feed themselves and their babies for that day.

Tiba is a Kenyan-registered NGO and operates to International 'due diligence' fundraising standards; it is regularly monitored by Global Giving UK, an on-line fundraising website. You will find up-to-date information about Tiba’s projects on Global Giving

For more information please contact: TBF-UK support group [email protected].

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