Elif Clarke

I believe that our breath is much more reliable at telling our stories than our mind. I have witnessed many times that my clients are able to identify and process difficult memories, ultimately shifting deeply rooted beliefs and behaviours that may be shaping their life and relationships with their own BREATH.


Areas Covered

Elif is based in South East London (SE24 0NP), South West London (SW8 2UP) and Central London.

She also offers sessions in her client's home.


Elif Clarke is a certified Transformational Breath® facilitator and trainer who also had 20 years experience of working as a psychologist and psychotherapist in both the National Health Service and private practices.

Elif's experience and speciality in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety has also provided additional insights as to just how powerful one’s own breath can be to release, process and integrate any kind of trauma stored at cellular level in the respiratory system.

In many cases, clients suffering with many forms of trauma manifestations such as flashbacks and night terrors, experienced that those symptoms had been dramatically reduced or completely eradicated after as few as five sessions.

"I have worked with Elif over a period of one to one sessions. This experience has completely surpassed my expectations. I learned that conditions like depression, anxiety and migraines are possible to overcome and be free from. I had Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; after trying many conventional therapies and approaches with fairly limited results. I discovered Transformational breathing. Elif has a deep level of knowledge and experience which she is able to bring to the sessions. She is highly professional and has a natural ability to work with the body and its expressions of trauma. Working with Elif has transformed my life; I no longer suffer from depression, anxiety and energy blow outs. I have not had a migraine in the last 9 months! The impact of this has enabled me to really experience life in the present and my life has positively changed as a direct result of these sessions. I feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and could not recommend the experience enough." Elaine, London, 2017

"Elif is instrumental in my emotional development. She reveals the limitless and profound world of the breath to me where before it was simply an automatic process that I mostly ignored. She leads me straight to exactly the emotional and physical spots I had no idea were hurting or otherwise calling for attention, teaching me so much about myself, and how I am with others. I always leave sessions with Elif feeling a deepened connection to my humanity, and my animal nature. The solidity of my trust in myself, in others, and in life, develops with every session. Elif is amazing!" Crispin, London 2016


Breath work provides the core platform for Elif's trauma therapy, with the integration of other modalities such as yoga as Elif believes that the body is fundamental in taking control of our overall wellbeing. Her aim is to empower her clients to become their own therapist and enable them to bring fragmented parts of their physical emotional, and spiritual self together with their own breath without the need for conventional talking therapy.

Elif's passion for establishing Transformational Breath® as a household name has led her to lead workshops, retreats, corporate events and festivals in the UK and abroad. Elif has trained with Judith Kravitz and has assisted her on many professional and personal seminars.

Her experiences have included facilitating workshops at a women’s prison in Mexico, at the NewEarth festival in Bali, at the Aniwa festival in Ibiza, at seminars in Brazil, and teacher training events in Mexico and China alongside Transformational Breath® founder Judith Kravitz. She continues to share her knowledge worldwide through a wide range of events, specialist groups, and individual sessions.

She is the founder of Breathing Joy and the co-founder of The Big Breath Company

From the first session I breathed with Elif at a workshop, I felt an unexplainable connection with her - even though we'd never spoken, I felt she knew exactly what me and my body needed. This has continued through one to one sessions and breathing groups and retreats I've attended with her. Through Transformational Breathing, Elif has helped me reconnect with my emotions and I think it's also been a really important tool to help me find a new direction in life (both career and general wellbeing). Elif's biggest strength is her intuition. Closely followed by her passion for helping people through Transformational Breath. She's funny, cheeky, knowledgable and experienced. I'm so happy to have met her.

Tabitha, 2017

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