Elif Clarke

“The Transformational Breath® heals early trauma experiences. It also permits to heal early attachment issues. So, that you experience a shift from neglect of oneself to a healthy self-esteem and self-compassion".


Areas Covered

Based in South London, Elif has been travelling internationally, Mexico, China, Brazil, US, and Bali to teach Transformational Breath®.


Elif is a Psychologist, Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator specialising in helping clients suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety disorders, depression, and stress and sleep difficulties. Co-founder of thebigbreathcompany. Elif is available for one to one sessions. She also runs various official training programmes, retreats, and workshops.

Her aim is to enable people to empower themselves to grow and to change with the use of their own breath.

"Elif is instrumental in my emotional development. She reveals the limitless and profound world of the breath to me where before it was simply an automatic process that I mostly ignored. She leads me straight to exactly the emotional and physical spots I had no idea were hurting or otherwise calling for attention, teaching me so much about myself, and how I am with others. I always leave sessions with Elif feeling a deepened connection to my humanity, and my animal nature. The solidity of my trust in myself, in others, and in life, develops with every session. Elif is amazing!" Crispin, London 2016


Elif has trained with Judith Kravitz and has assisted her on many professional and personal seminars. She was in Chine last year and is going back in May to help establish to a network of facilitators in that country. Her background as a psychologist has given her great understanding of the psychological meaning behind each person's breath patterns. Her experience has also given her a deep understanding and appreciation of just how powerful Transformational Breath® work actually is to bring the unconscious into consciousness.

Often, she saw one breath session is equal to twelve sessions of psychological therapy offered in the National Health Service to shift deep psychological traumas. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and recognises that the body knows how to ‘fix the mind’.

From the first session I breathed with Elif at a workshop, I felt an unexplainable connection with her - even though we'd never spoken, I felt she knew exactly what me and my body needed. This has continued through one to one sessions and breathing groups and retreats I've attended with her. Through Transformational Breathing, Elif has helped me reconnect with my emotions and I think it's also been a really important tool to help me find a new direction in life (both career and general wellbeing). Elif's biggest strength is her intuition. Closely followed by her passion for helping people through Transformational Breath. She's funny, cheeky, knowledgable and experienced. I'm so happy to have met her.

Tabitha, 2017

26 August 2017
Monthly Breath Circle Vauxhall London

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26 August 2017
Transformational Breath® Introductory Workshop

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9 September 2017
Transformational Breath® & Yoga Urban Escape London

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3 November 2017
The Big Breath Normandy Retreat

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27 January 2018
Transformational Breath Personal Seminar Level I, II, & III

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