Ella Oliver

“I discovered Transformational Breath® after attending a workshop. I was blown away by the power and profoundly healing nature of the practice and its ability, so quickly and directly, to shift ‘stuff’ that I had been carrying around for far too long. From that day on, I have practised a daily breath session and took the very first training I could get to. I want Transformational Breath® to be accessible to everyone”


Areas Covered

London and Hertfordshire


"Ella's kind and caring presence can be felt instantly. She listens and understands and can therefore help you glide through the session even if you are faced with some deep obstacles. I felt safe, reassured and nurtured. Ella is as angelic as they come".

A Jacob

Ella is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator. She is available for one to one sessions with clients at her home in Hertfordshire and at the Physical Health Clinic in Moorgate, London. Ella is deeply passionate about sharing the breath with children and adults alike and is working to make breath work part of everyday life


She has worked with a variety of people. Coming from a background in law and setting up several of her own businesses, Ella was particularly aware of the day to day clarity of thought, relaxation, stress management and energising effects of the practice as well as its ability to deeply heal. Ella is also a Reiki Master and teaches both Reiki and meditation.

13 December 2018
Introduction to Transformational Breath®

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15 December 2018
One Day Transfromational Breath® Workshop

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