Introductory Session

Each one of us has a unique breathing pattern and we hold onto tension especially within our respiratory muscles, restricting us from breathing deeply and fully.

In this workshop you will learn about how and where your body holds on to tension and practice the combination therapy, Transformational Breath, which involves circular breathing, acupressure (light touch – no needles!), sound, movement and positive affirmations.

This cutting-edge breath work can be powerful and transformative and great for those committed to change and self improvement. The body and mind can feel lighter, freer and much more relaxed just after one session.

“I really feel as though there has already been a huge shift in every area. I feel much more relaxed and ‘stable’ and my breathing is altogether much better. Both my daughter and my friend who I have not seen for a few weeks, said I looked great and there was definitely something different about me. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing technique!“

Transformational Breath Workshop Attendee

Breathing fully can:

Improve digestion, boost circulation, increase energy and fitness.

Generate feelings of calm, release old emotions, feel lighter and more focused.

Gain clarity, inspiration and connection with your intuition and de-clutter the mind of negative chit chat.

About Aimee Hartley who will be presenting the workshop:

Aimee studied and qualified as a Transformational Breath Facilitator and Workshop leader with Founder of the technique, Dr Judith Kravitz in Italy and the US in 2011. She currently offers private Transformational Breath sessions and workshops in London and runs retreats in the UK. A qualified Professional Yoga Teacher she has taught in the UK, Australia and South East Asia over the past 6 years. Aimee has experienced many breath works in her yoga teaching training and practice and Transformational Breath is the most powerful conscious breath work she has come across to date.

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Event Details

  • Date: 4 November 2017
  • Times: 3.30pm - 6.30pm
  • Location: East of Eden, Hatherley Mews, Walthamstow
  • Duration: 3 hours

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