Breathpod London: Introduction to Transformational Breath® with Immersive Sound Experience

2hour Introduction to Transformational Breath® at Stretch Yoga, London Fields

Harness the power of your breathing system and optimise your physical, mental and emotional health.

Following his special workshop at Exhale Festival this summer we are excited to invite Transformational Breath Coach Stuart Sandeman into the Stretch Studio to deliver his deep immersive Breathpod experience.

This workshop will super charge your cells, free your mind, balance any emotional charge and teach you to activate transcendental states of being.

This session will help to:

· Energise and revitalise
· Detoxify & improve your health and wellbeing
· Improve circulation and strengthen your immune system
· Improve mental clarity & focus
· Release anxiety and alleviate depression
· Resolve past trauma and release emotional repression
· Accelerate personal growth and development
· Improve the relationship with yourself and others
· Connect you to higher states of consciousness, inner wisdom & creativity.

Most assume the autonomic action of everyday breathing is sufficient. The truth is, many of us breathe in shallow and constricted patterns, which can adversely affect the body and mind. 1 in 10 of us have symptoms of dysfunctional breathing and we ALL have experiences in life that can negatively affect our breath function. By learning to breathe fully and freely, we can integrate anything holding us back personally and professionally.

Stuart Sandeman is a Judo black belt, breath coach and peak performance coach who has works with individuals, groups and businesses to reach their full potential. His clients include Google, Nike and Virgin. Stuart’s life was transformed through conscious breathing after the loss of his girlfriend to cancer. He is extremely passionate about sharing his practise to help others thrive. He has also travelled the world the world as an international DJ so expect the perfect soundtrack to accompany your experience.

£30 members / £35 non-members


Event Details

  • Date: 10 November 2018
  • Times: 13:00 - 15:00
  • Location: Stretch Yoga, London Fields, 6 Ada St, London E8 4QU
  • Duration: 2 Hours

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