Breathing in China

In September 2016 the first seminar was launched in Guangzhou China led by Judith Kravitz herself.

Transformational Breath® is spreading throughout the world.This event, with 20 participants, was organised by local resident Kenneth Tam who was both translator and co-trainer. Kenneth received his training in the USA and was inspired to establish Transformational Breath® in his home country. Running a seminar is a big undertaking, especially in a non-English speaking country where all the supporting training documentation needs to be translated. Kenneth even managed to translate Judith’s book Breath Deeply Laugh Loudly into Chinese Mandarin.

A team of staff travelled from different parts of the World to offer their support as both trainers and facilitators. Elif Clarke and Sarah Jons members of Transformational Breath Foundation UK and business partners in The Big Breath Company traveled from London. Together they spent 8 nights at the beautiful Furong Resort at Furong Resort Area, Huadu District, Guangzhou, China. The resort is located at a forest park overlooking a lake, a perfect setting for this historic event away from the busy hub of local city living.

During the course of the seminar, as always, there were twice daily breath sessions, however one of the many week's highlights was the visit to a local hot water spring for the water breathe.

Both picked up essential Chinese Mandarin phrases as there was only a handful of English-speaking participants. The symbol below is Chinese for Breathe. The first symbol represents the exhale, the second one the inhale. A subtle, cultural difference from our perceptions of breathing, as you first breathe out and let go before taking a breath in.

The transformation and emotional release that participants experienced throughout the week were observed by both Elif and Sarah. The warm welcome, hospitality and new friendships formed have inspired them both to return in May 2017. Already plans have been made to run a second personal development programme seminar and the first professional training so China’s breath family can grow with the rest of the World.