Transformational Breath® in Northern Ireland since 2014

Meet our Senior Trainer Indalecia Rohita Ziritt as she talks here about her work in Ireland:

"Since I was a girl I have always had dreams of going to Ireland and imagined myself running in the deep green grass and being in a castle looking outside to see the beautiful landscape and to feel the mystery and magic of that place. As I started to lead Levels 4a and 4b trainings in Italy, Spirit brought together the two parts of Ireland in the persons of Claire Haugh, Michael Blake and Brian Williams. At the end of Level 4b I received a heart-felt invitation from Brian to lead seminars in Northern Ireland. Since the moment of that first invitation there has been a huge opening for me to lead events in other parts of Europe such as France, Spain and Austria and Judith Kravitz has recognised me as National Leader of three countries, Italy, Ireland and Spain and appointed me as a Transformational Breath® Ambassador.

It has been my calling to work with Transformational Breath® in Ireland since the first Level 1 in Northern Ireland held on St. Patrick’s Day, in March 2014. Since then we have had a regular programme of seminars and Levels 4a and 4b trainings all held in the beautiful Tobar Mhuire Passionist Monastery. Now Spirit is calling us to work in larger venues and in the coming year we are holding seminars and trainings in Dromantine near Newry, and Benburb Priory, near Dungannon .

What I have realised working in Ireland is that this country is accessible for English-speaking participants and it is a truly international venue and everyone is made to feel genuinely welcome. We have had participants from elsewhere in the UK, from European countries and many different distant countries as far apart as Nigeria, California, the Middle East and even the Far East. With good airports in Dublin and Belfast and an excellent road and public transport network it’s relatively easy to access our beautiful retreat centres set deep in the Irish countryside.

My vision is to work with our beautiful and powerful breathing process throughout Ireland and help to eliminate the divisions that have beset this island and to radiate peace and love that can be an inspiration everywhere. In my experience working in Ireland the people are deeply connected with their ancestors and I am constantly amazed at the visions they have of previous generations. Also, visiting different powerful ancient sites on that island I have received messages of my own past lives and now I understand why I am drawn to this wonderful place. "

There are new developments in Northern Ireland so watch out for more news items.