TBUK are really excited that world renowned Breathwork teacher and Founder of Transformational Breath®, Judith Kravitz will be coming to the UK in August for a special one off event. There are limited spaces and there will be 25 of UK facilitators at the weekend to assist Judith guaranteeing the participant a powerfully held experience. This a non-residential event in London and will be taking place at Indaba Yoga in Marylebone.

Experience the benefits and application of deep, connected breathing with 4 full Transformational Breath® sessions. All participants must book for the whole weekend only. A weekend of deep personal transformation with Transformational Breath®, one of the world’s leading techniques for personal healing & change. Reclaim Your Superpowers is an official Transformational Breath Programme. Discover the techniques of Breath Analysis, Body Mapping, Sound & Toning and experience twice-daily Breath Sessions. On this uplifting weekend you will reap the benefits that take place when you release restrictions in your breathing pattern.

For full booking details go to www.indabayoga.com or contact [email protected]